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Discussion in 'Webmaster Classifieds' started by johnmathan, Jan 11, 2013.

  1. johnmathan

    johnmathan New Member

    Dec 20, 2012
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    Promote your blog through videos . I will create a unique video article based on your topic/keywords of interest, and upload to you tube and get it at least 5000 views

    Step 1:
    You will give me the url address of the website for which you want me to make
    the video and also the keyword , if any. I will then make my own title and the
    audio script which will be sent to you VIA email for approval.

    Step 2:
    As soon as I receive your approval towards the audio script that I have created
    for the video, I will then start making the video and upload it on Youtube.

    Step 3;
    You will then pay me.

    Step 4:
    I will get
    you 5000 Real human views.

    I charge $70 for each video. A bulk video order consisting of ten videos will cost you just
    $45 each. I will then proceed with the second video and so on. We will go in this
    Please feel free to write to me for any further queries and samples
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