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((TGZ)) A forum for all video games lover

Discussion in 'Showcase Your Website' started by cleopatra, Aug 3, 2014.

  1. cleopatra

    cleopatra Member

    Aug 3, 2014
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    The Game Zone (TGZ)



    Type :

    general,gaming,promotion,chit chat and more

    Total number of posts the forum has received?: ...6000


    The Game Zone

    All you wish for...And more

    Our forum:
    Overall Our forum has over Everything you can imagine about games and consoles it also has categories for all different things ranging from video games to Graphics ,Anime and video games characters thus we are seeking different users from many different places to discuss just about anything they want. [​IMG]

    We want to organize a forum that is full of users who love talking about all sections, well at the same time knowing that they will not only receive a swift sufficient response, but that they will also receive "Staff" intuition if they were active in our forum.

    Yes as we are looking for active members we are also looking to promote them to be one of our staff.
    We are looking for , Moderators , Graphics designers ,and a lot more. [​IMG]

    About Us :
    In the forum we all are one big family ,who support and care for each other.
    We are always here for every member , we hear and give attention to every word you say , we are a very friendly staff and members .
    And we really wish to have you as a part of our family..

    So what are you waiting for. ...Come and join us now in our amazing forum..share your thoughts and intersted.. meet new friends...play games and have fun..

    And we are sure that you will find everything you wish for and more.

    How do you wish to be contacted? ( PM/Site PM/Email)...PM me or throught the forum
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