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Services SolidShellSecurity: Server Monitoring & Security Scripts with very easy install

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    Oct 16, 2012
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    [ SSS, LLC | Our Community | Secure Web Hosting | Dedicated Servers | Website Security | Server Hardening | Server Security | Management ]

    We mean business when it comes to working with you!

    With more and more people switching over to SolidShellSecurity for their needs. Do you think that it is about time you do as well and stop searching and worrying about who to go to next?

    In fact, we care so much about you that we are releasing the following scripts for FREE for your pleasure and use!


    Need a fast way to secure your server? Checkout the following just released scripts! Secure your server in a matter of seconds. ;)/>

    These scripts allow you to easily install security monitoring services with just one command! No more having to worry about configuring the right config file or settings or manually installing such systems. We do it all for you! You just enter the information and you are done!

    [ SCRIPTS ]

    Chkrootkit Automatic Script Installer (instructions and FREE download)
    RKHunter Automatic Script Installer (instructions and FREE download)

    FIREWALL/(d)DoS Protection
    Syn Deflate Automatic Script Installer (instructions and FREE download)
    CSF ConfigServer Firewall Automatic Script Installer (instructions and FREE download)

    The following scripts were released in order to help protect your servers from attacks. Stay tuned for more scripts like the above coming out! Follow us! Be sure to Retweet our stuff if you like it!

    [ Contact Us ]
    Phone: 2055383601
    Skype: SolidShellSecurity
    General: [email protected]
    Support: [email protected]
    Billing: [email protected]

    Looking for deals, updates, announcements and more?
    Follow Us: https://twitter.com/.../SolidSSecurity
    Stalk Us: https://www.facebook.com/SolidShellSec
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